The Boeing 747-100 and -200B

The basic 747-100 entered service with Pan American in January 1970.

Range with 385 pax and reserves 9045km (4880nm).

747-100 - Max speed 967km/h (522kt), economical cruising speed 907km/h (490kt).


The 747-200B first flew in October 1970 entering service with KLM,  747-200B

Range (CF6-80C2 engines) with 366 pax and reserves 12,778km (6900nm), with a maximum fuel capacity of 191.244 liter, using on average during flight 13.750 liter an hour (CF6-50E2 engines), with an average speed of 910 km an hour.



History of the Boeing 747: Boeing 747-300, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 747-800F


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