Airbus A 300

In the spring of 1978, eastern airlines agreed to purchase 23 of the new jets, after trying them in 1977. This was a breakthrough. Eastern was one of America's principal airlines; its great prestige ensured that other carriers around the world would take a fresh look at the A-300. Airbus went on to sell a total of 69 A 300 jets in 1978.

Since its service entry in 1974 with Air France, the A300 has been extensively developed and updated. A shortened version of the A300 is the A310, availabe from 1983. A further development of the A300 is the A300-600, which was availabe from 1984.

In august 2005 a total of 545 Airbus A300 airplanes had been delivered, of which 418 were still in operation.

In august 2005 total orders for an A 300 after more than 30 years stood at 592.

By january 2006 some 547 Airbus A300 have been delivered with 14 more orders to be delivered. Only 413 of the 547 delivered A300 were in service by january 2006.

By april 2006 the Airbus website indicated total orders for the A300/310 family at 821, with 804 aircraft delivered and 643 aircraft in service. As we know at least 260 A 310 have been ordered, that leaves the maximum total of 561 orders for the A 300.

Maybe when launching the A350 in 2005 some of the A 300 orders have been converted into A 350 orders?

History of the A 300: 1974 - 1977 - 1983 (A 310) - 1984 (A300-600)

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