Boeing 747-300

The first Boeing 747-300 was delivered to Swissair in March 1983. A total of 81 Boeing 747-300 have been delivered between 1983 and 1990.

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The Boeing 747-300 in action

2003 : with KLM at Schiphol airport

Customers included UTA, Saudia, Singapore airlines, Qantas, Cathay, KLM, Pakistan International Airways.


The Boeing 747 family of aircraft

Compared to the -200, the -300's upper deck is stretched aft by 7.11m (23ft 4in). Otherwise the 747-300 is essentially little changed from the 747-200 and features the same takeoff weight and engine options.

Range with 400 passengers and reserves:

with CF650s: 11,297km


with RB211s: 11,575km


with JT9Ds: 11,675km


with CF6-80s: 12,408km





The next model of the Jumbo Jet was the Boeing 747-400.

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