Airbus A 330-300

Entry into service took place by the end of 1993, the same year the 4-enigine variant A340-300 entered service. Both aircraft used techonolgies found on the A320.

In 2005 the A 330-300 was in use with: Cathey Pacific, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Thai, Air Canada, China Airlines, Northwest, Philippine airlines, Qantas, US Airways, ...

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Range of the Airbus A 330-300 with 335 pax and reserves is:

8340km (4500nm) with CF6s
8430km (4550nm) with P&W engines
8600km (4640nm) with Trents


By january 2007 the total number of orders had risen to 260, with 202 aircraft delivered and 201 in service.

By september 2006 the number had risen to 253, of which 194 had been delivered, of which 193 were still in service.

By january 2006 the total number of orders for an A330-300 had risen to 250.

In september 2005 at total of 241 Airbus A 330-300 had been ordered, of which 168 had been delivered and 167 were still in operation.


By january 2006 the shortened longer range A330-200 variant with 314 orders, sold 64 aircraft more than the initial A330-300.

The only two A 330 (initial A330-300 and  A330-200) together had recieved a total of 564 orders by january 2006, which was much better than the total sales of the four 4-engined A340 variants together.

The 2-enigined A330-300 and the 4-enigined A340-300 and  were launched simultaneously in June 1987. By january 2006 a total of 945 orders have been recieved in total for the A330 and A340 variants together.

Airbus launched the A350 in 2005, because Boeing was taking much orders for the 787 on top of good selling 777 variants.


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