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Airbus A 340-300

When the A340 first flew in 1991 engineers noticed a potentially major design flaw in the first model: the wings were not strong enough to carry the outboard engines at cruising speed without warping and fluttering. To alleviate this an underwing bulge called the plastron was developed to fix airflow problems around the engine pylons.

The modified A340 began commercial service in 1993 with Lufthansa and Air France. The A340-300 flies 295 passengers in a typical three-class cabin layout over 6,700 nautical miles (12,400 km). This is the initial version, having flown on October 25, 1991 and entered service with Lufthansa and Air France in March 1993.

In august 2005 there had been a total of 244 orders for Airbus A340-300 and -200 aircraft. 239 of these aircraft had been delivered in 2005 and 237 were in operation at that time. In august 2005 an A 340-300 (?) was lost in Toronto (Canada) by   Air France. The Airbus A 340-300 has been used by: Tap (Portugal), Austrian, Air Mautitius, Air Jamaica, Scandinavian, Lufthansa, Air France, Air thahiti Nui, ...


Airbus A 330-300

The A340 and A330 were launched simultaneously in June 1987. Although developed in parallel the A330-300 made its first flight after the A340, on November 2 1992. It was the first aircraft to achieve simultaneous European Joint Airworthiness Authorities (JAA) and US FAA certification, on October 21 1993. Entry into service took place by the end of that year.

Range of the Airbus A 330-300 with 335 pax and reserves:

8340km (4500nm) with CF6s
8430km (4550nm) with P&W engines
8600km (4640nm) with Trents / 2747 / buy / 1993 / airplane