Boeing 777-200ER

The first 777-200ER was delivered to British Airways in February 1997.

The longer-range 777-200ER features additional fuel capacity, with increased range capability between 6000 and 7700 nautical miles (11,000 to 14,300 km).

Boeing 777-200ER

The Boeing 777-200 ER in action

2003 : with Delta in Amsterdam

By january 2007 a total of 425 Boeing 777-200ER had been ordered. So, in 2006 Boeing sold only one extra 777-200ER, as it was selling the 777-300ER.

By january 2006 total orders for a B777-200ER stood at 424 of which some 364 aircraft had been delivered to: : AA (45), Singapore airlines (44),  BA (39), United (36), Saudi Arabian (21),  Air France (18), KLM , Air New Zealand , Alitalia (6), Pakistan international Airways, ... with 64 more aircraft on order in january 2006, of which 23 have been delivered in 2006.

 Boeing 777-200ER

The Boeing 777 family of aircraft

The first 777-200 was delivered in 1995. The nose sections of the aircraft are the same as on the Boeing 767.

The first 777-300 (more passengers instead of more range) was delivered in 1998.

The first 777-300ER was delivered in 2004.

The first 777-200LR was delivered in 2006 to PIA.

By january 2006 a total of 827 Boeing 777 (all variants together) have been ordered, while airlines continued to order, in contrast to stalling sales of the A330/340. On top of that Boeing had launched the 787 to be delivered in 2008.

By january 2007 Boeing had already recieved a  total of 903 orders for a 777 and was still taking orders for the 777-300ER.

 Boeing 777-200ER

Competition with Airbus

Boeing had launched the 777 in response to the  A330-300 (twin) and  A340-300 (longer range).

The 777-200ER has more range than the A340 and has the advantage of being a twin instead of a quad (4-engines). The 777-200ER outsold the A340 easily.

Airbus started to deliver 2 new quads (4-engines for the long haul) in 2002: the A340-500 (ultra long range) and the A340-600 (up to 385 passengers).

The A340-600 and A340-500 were unable to compete with the next Boeing 777 twins (777-300ER and 777-200LR)

In 2006 airbus has passed the 1.000 mark of orders for the all A330 and A340 aircraft together, but thanks largely to the sales of the A320-200, which was more a competitor to the Boeing 767-300ER.

 Boeing 777-200ER

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