Boeing 777-300

The -300 version is a stretch of the 777-200. The first 777-300 was delivered to Cathay Pacific Airways in June 1998.

Range of the 777-300 with 386 three class passengers is 10,595km (5720nm).

Compared to the older 747s, the stretched 777 has comparable passenger capacity and range, but burns one third less fuel and demands 40% lower maintenance costs.

The 777-300 made history on May 4 1998 when it was awarded type certification simultaneously from the US FAA and European JAA and was granted 180min ETOPS approval. Typical cruising speed 893km/h (482kt).


In january 2006 a total of 59 777-300 have been delivered with 1 extra aircraft on order. A limited number of airlines bought the 777-300: Singapore Airlines (16), Cathay Pacific Airways (12), ANA (7), JAL (7), Thai (6), Korean Air (4).

The 777-200ER (with greater range) sold much better.

The 777-300 extended range (ER) version was first delivered in 2004 also sold much better.


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