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Boeing 777-300

The 777-300 rolled out on September 8 1997, followed by first flight on October 16 that year. The type made history on May 4 1998 when it was awarded type certification simultaneously from the US FAA and European JAA and was granted 180min ETOPS approval. The first 777-300 was delivered to Cathay Pacific Airways in June 1998.

Total 777-300 orders as of January 2003 stood at 121 (of which 56 300ER) with 44 delivered.
777-300 - Typical cruising speed 893km/h (482kt).  Range of the 777-300 with 386 three class passengers 10,595km (5720nm). 777-300ER - Range with 365 passengers 13,427km (7,250nm).

Airbus A 330-200

Deliveries began in April 1998. Because of its decreased length the A330-200 features enlarged horizontal and vertical tail services (to compensate for the loss of moment arm with the shorter fuselage). Another important change is the addition of a centre fuel tank, which increases the A330-200's fuel capacity over the 300's, and results in the 200's 11,850km (6400nm) range. The Airbus a330-200 has an overall length of 59.00m (193ft 7in). This allows the A330-200 to seat 256 passengers in a three class configuration, or alternatively 293 in two classes.

The A330-200 has sold quite strongly since its launch. Among the initial A330-200 customers are, apart from ILFC, Canada 3000, Korean Air, Austrian, Air Transat, Emirates, Swissair, Sabena, Monarch, Asiana, TAM, and Air Lanka.  Total A330-200 built stood at 108 at June 2002. / 2747 / buy / 1998