Boeing 767-400ER

Untill 2007 there have been a total of only 40 orders, all of which from Delta Airlines and Continental Airlines. Both airlines recieved their first aircraft in august 2000.

Boeing 767-400ER

The Boeing 767-400 ER in action

2003 : with Continental in Amsterdam

Design range at max takeoff weight with max passengers 10,343km (5580nm) with PW4062s.

The 767-400ER accommodates 245 passengers in a three-class configuration, 304 passengers in a two-class configuration and 409 in a single class configuration.


The Boeing 767 family of aircraft

The 767-400ER fuselage adds 21 feet (6.4 m) to the baseline 767-300 airframe.



No match for the Airbus A330-200

The 767-400ER has the same seating capacity as the A330-200 from Airbus. The 777-200 is larger. The 767-400ER failed miserably against A330-200. Boeing built it as a competitor, instead everyone opted for a more capable plane.


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