Airbus A 340-500

From 2002 the A340-500 was the world's longest-range commercial airliner, until the introduction of the Boeing 777-200LR "Worldliner" in 2006.

It can fly 313 passengers in a three-class cabin layout over 8,650 nautical miles (16,000 km).

Singapore Airlines, used the A340-500 in 2005 on it's New York - Singapore non-stop route. This is an 18-hour journey that is the longest non-stop commercial flight in the world in 2005. The aircraft can only do this with a reduced cargo load.

Compared with the A340-300, the -500 features a 3.3-m fuselage stretch, an enlarged wing area, massive increase in fuel capacity (around 50% over -300), slightly higher cruising speed, larger horizontal stabilizer and smaller vertical tailplane. The A340-500 has taxi cameras to help the pilots during ground manoeuvres. The A340-500 is powered by four 53,000 lbf (236 kN) thrust Rolls-Royce Trent 553 turbofans. The engines of the A340-600 are slightly more powerfull.

By august 2007 total orders stood at 33. It seems Kingfisher ordered some. The airbus website continued to maket the aircraft as the Wolrd's longest range airliner, while the Boeing 777-200LR had more range.

By the end of october 2005 only 26 Airbus ultra long range A 340-500 had been ordered. Emirates (10), Singapore Airlines (5), Thai (2) and Air Canada (2). By january 2006 total orders were still standing at 26. In october 2005 some 20 of the aircraft had been delivered. By october 2006 a total of 24 A340-500 had been delivered, but total orders remained at 26.

The Boeing 777-200LR was selling better. By 2006 Airbus had problems selling any variant of the the 4-enigned A340 and the Boeing 777 variants were selling much better.


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