Buy an airplane in 2002

Boeing 747-400 ER

747-400ER - Range is 14,205km (7670nm).

The 747-400ER can carry more than 63,500 gallons of fuel (240,370 L), making it possible to fly extremely long routes, such as Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia.

The first 747-400ER was delivered in 2002 to Qantas, who ordered 6 Boeing 747-400 ER. Those are the only 747-400ER ever ordered.

Qantas basiclly have two fleets, Europe and Pacific. The GE powered 744ERs are only configured for 343 seats for the range over the Pacific.

Qantas was a launch costumer for the Airbus A 380.


The  first Boeing 747-400 was delivered in 1989.

In november 2006 Lufthansa was the first to order the 747-800 intercontinental to be delivered in 2010.


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