Boeing 777-200LR (Long Range)

Launch customer is Pakistan International airlines. (PIA), which will receive the first 777-200LR Worldliner in January 2006.

The range is 17,446km carrying 301 passengers, thanks to an additional fuel tank installed in the rear cargo bay which brings the fuel capacity to 195,280L. With such a range virtually any two cities in the world can be linked non-stop. With this range the Boeing 777-200LR became the longest range commercial aircraft in the world, defeating the Airbus A340-500.

By january 2006 Boeing had recieved a total 35 orders for the Boeing 777-200LR:  Air Canada (12), Emirates (10), Air India (8). EVA Airways (3), Pakistan International airlines (2). It sold better than the ultra long range Airbus A340-500.

The first 777 entered service in 1995. The 777-200LR uses the same engines as the Boeing 777-300ER which entered service in 2004.

Emirates has plans in 2007 to use the 777-200LR non-stop between Dubai and Sao Paulo. They also have plans to fly the aircraft non-stop between Dubai and the US West Coast.

Air India plans to fly between Mumbai and New York.


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