Shares of the Boeing Company in 2007

In January 2007 it was possible to buy 190 shares of the Boeing company at the New York stock exchange for just over 13.000 euro in total (including banking costs).

Listed price on the New York Stock exchange was 89 US Dollars and shares remaind around 90 US Dollars during February 2007 and March 2007.


For 190 shares in March 2007 a dividend was payed of 66 US Dollars. But uou needed to pay 15 percent incometax in the United States as a shareholder. Then you need to pay 25 precent incometax in Belgium as a shareholder. In theory there is a double tax treaty, so you should get back the 15 procent, but it's a lot of paperwork and questions.

Then you also need to pay around 5 US Dollar to have the 66 US Dollar comping from the United States.

So of the 66 US Dollars payed to the shareholder after the taxman takes 40 procent and the banks a transfer fee, it's just 28 euro for the shareholder

And Belgian Banks charge their clients 0,2 procent on the capital invested, for holding the shares.

Outstandig shares

Outstanding shares in may 2007 is 787,401,000 (which is more than in 2006).


Capital gains

By the end of may 2007 the Boeing shares were at 98 US Dollar. In Belgium there is no capital gains tax for individuals owning shares.


Boeing has no direct competition in 2007, except for Airbus, which is in trouble. But airlines are facing more and more competition in 2007. To compare the shareprice in 2007: British Airways

July-August 2007

By the end of july 2007 shares of the Boeing company had traded one day for 107 US Dollar when the USA dollar hit it's all time low of nearly 1,4 US dollar for 1 euro.

The DOW-Jones hit the 14.000 mark by the end of july 2007, and dropped sharply in early august. This sharp drow wasn't experienced by the Boeing share price. When the tide is low, you can see who has been swimming without a bathingshirt.

The number of outstanding shares had dropped to 783,712,000.

By the end of 2007 the US Dollar reached 1,5 against the euro.

By the end of 2007 the Boeing share price was again around 89 US Dollar but the decline continued in january 2008.