Nordisk Alfheim 12.6

There are 3 bags:

1 with the tent: 7.7 kg

1 with the 20 spikes: 2.250 kg

1 with the steel pole: 2.465 kg

The company advertises the tent with a weight of 11.8 kg which is almost exact.

The larger variant is the Nordisk Alfhem 19.6

This tent comes with a pole of 3.5 m instead of 2.75 m

The diameter is 5 m instead of 4 m

The surface increases from 12;6 m² to 19.6 m²

But the total weight advertised for the Alfheim is 18 kg which is too heavy to drag around in my opinion.

But in the light of splitted bags, there comes a different weight calculation:

18 kg
- the 20 spikes: -2.2 kg leaves: 15.8 kg
- the larger pole: let's say 3 kg, leaves 12,8 kg for the larget tent itself.

The tent bag lengt remains 99 cm but the diameter increases from 32 cm to 36 cm.

In total the Alfheim 19.6 seems the better choise to me from a practical point of view.

But the Alfhem 19.6 is considerably more expensive that the Alfheim 12.6

The idea of the single pole tent with a hight of 3.5 m and a diamter of about 5 m was patented by Mister Sibley during the American Civil was.

The Armies ahve used many many tent of that size. So it is probably a very good size of tent the Alfheim 19.6

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