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In 2004 the main problem is batteries. Best is to look for devices which use standard batteries, which are more easy to replace while on the go and which are a lot cheaper and which can be interchanged between you different devices.

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If you have 256 MB of songs, that will be boring. You need much more different songs on the go. It seems that there can be a limit on how much songs you can store on a memory card, even when the capacity of the card isn't used. Strange. 1,5 GB seems fine.

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There are some 8 different formats: Compact Flash (CF) - Secure Digital (SD) - -

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About radiation


Very important for any device. It ot can used standard AA or AAA batteries: you will be fine. -


It's nice if you could type a little bit, if you could read and if you could listen to music. - - Axim -



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