FISH SAUCE This brown, salty sauce with a characteristic 'fishy' smell is an important ingredient in Thai cookery. It is made from prawns (shrimp) or small fish which have been fermented in the sun for a long time. It is readily available and there really is no substitute. Store in the refrigerator affter opening.

fish sauce

in Southeast Asian cookery, a liquid seasoning prepared by fermenting freshwater or saltwater fish with salt in large vats. After a few months time, the resulting brownish, protein-rich liquid is drawn off and bottled. It is sometimes allowed to mature in the sun in glass or earthenware bottles before use. Called nam pla in Thailand, nuoc nam in Vietnam, patis in the Philippines, tuk trey in Cambodia, ngan-pya-ye in Myanmar (Burma), and ketjap ikan in Indonesia, fish sauce is as ubiquitious as soy sauce in the region, being especially important in Thailand and Vietnam. The oyster sauce of Chinese cookery is a similar preparation, used especially in Cantonese dishes.

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