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The dissolution of a company in Belgium

The shareholders meeting before a notary public.
Several reports about the proposed dissulution of the company have to be present:
- A report by the management
- A balace sheet
- A report by an accountant

Then a liquidator will have to be appointed.

This is the end of the first general assenbly  held before a notary public.

Now a request has to be made at a belgian comemrcial court. It's the appointment of the liquidator which has to be appoved.

Once this is done. The liqidator has to report a plan of division.

Then a final general assembly has to be held.

Once the final dissolution of the company has been published in the Belgian Offcial Gazette, there is no way to get payed by a Limited liabilty company, if you still need money. Even if they did forget you. Normally, the liquidator will find all creditors of the company, but some creditors might be hidden. Once the company has been dissolved in good fait by the shareholders and the liquidator, there is no more company. So, from that day there is no way to get still payed, even when the company still ows you some money and even when the shareholders got plenty of cash after the dissolution of the company.

This is not written in the Belgian Company Law Code, but it is what great Belgian legal scholars have been writing. It's doctrine. But the leading doctrine in 2009. And it was the leading doctrine even already in 1957.