nv, bvba and cvba can only be established by notary deed

These companies have limited responsability for their shareholders.

These are the most common companies to do business in Belgium.

The notary is also the person who will advice the founders of the compnay about their legal position in a company. A notary has the legal skills to do this.

The fee of the notary is fixed by the govenment and the professional organisation of notaries. The fee is the same with all notaries in Belgium.

There is a tax on the investment of capital in a company. This tax is 0,5% of the invested capital. The tax has to be payed to the notary who will pay it to the tax office when he registers the deed of the establishment of the company.

Once the deed is regostered, the notary will sent a copy of the deed to the Register of Businesses. From then on the company starts to exist legally.

In Belgium a subsidiary which takes the form of a limited liability company ("société anonyme" S.A. "naamloze vennootschap" N.V.) must be incorporated by notarial deed.

Formation of a company usually takes about three weeks. But if necessay, it can be done in one week or even a day if all necessary information is available to the notary.

As an indication, formation costs of a company with a share capital are the following (see also further):

1.- notary's fees calculated in proportion to the total share capital.

2.- registration tax at 0,5% due on issued share capital;

3.- other expenses such as the publication cost of the articles of association in the Belgian Official Gazette (+/- 150 Euro)  and costs of registration with the Trade Register (+/- 100 Euro).

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