The minimal cost to the notary for establishing a 'nv' is 1.400 euro

This cost includes the tax of 0,5% on the investment of capital. It's supposed that the capital of the nv is the minimal capital of 61.500 euro (so the tax will be 615 euro). If you want a higher capital, the extra cost of the govenment tax of 0,5% on the extra invested capital will be charged by the notary.

The notary gives advice for the company contract

He makes the contract

He will register the contract and pay the tax of 0,5% on the capital invested in the company

He will send a copy of the contract to the traderegister of the headquaters of the company

He will make a summary of the contract and that will be published in the Belgian Official Gazette. Since 2002 this Gazette is only published on the internet.

Besides the fee, you will have to pay a tax to the notary, and he will pay it for you to the tax office. The tax is 0,5% in the capital with is invested in the company. Based on the absolute minimal capital the total fee of the notary, including registration tax is 1.400 euro.