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LAW: company - The repersentation of a "BVBA"

In 2005 Belgian company code (article 257) provides that one single "zaakvoeder" can represent the company alone.

So, if the company articles contain no different agreement, the company can be represented by anybody who has been appointed "zaakvoerder" and who's appointment has been published in the official Belgian Gazette. (Staatsblad).

There can be an appointment of several "zaakvoerder" and each of them in that case will be able to represent the company all by himself alone.


In 2005 the Belgian company code (article 257) provides the possibility to change in the company articles the rules of representation of the company.

The only thing which is allowed to agree about the representation of the company is to agree that the power of representation will be in the hands of all or several "zaakvoerder" together.

In this way you can be sure that on single "zaakvoerder" will be unable to represent the company just by himself alone.

It might be dangerous that one single "zaakvoerder" can represent the company alone. Especially if for instance there are two 50/50 shareholders and each of them is appointed "zaakvoerder". In that case it might be interesting to have an agreement that the company can only be represented by two "zaakvoerder" together.

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