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Hello Albert,

Probably you understand English. It's hard for me to write these thoughts in French. I just have written them tonight and hope you will enjoy reading.

I think that the lack of excellence in whatever the State is doing, is what makes some people in the West hate the concept of big socialist government.

When you go for an ice-cream or a glass of champagne, the hole experience is one in which your feeling of the thing being excellent for you is central. It can be an excellent price, an excellent quality, etc. Thats what private companies who have to compete need to offer. Then the consumer feels free and happy. It's becauce the service is exactly what you want. They do an excellent job. Private business that thrives on the idea of doing an excellent job, is what is in sharp contrast to the way a big government with a socialist mission interacts with the lives of modern human beings. These government actions can be especially qualified as total lack of excellence. It's pure democratisation. It's standardisation instead of freedom and being creative and unique (which help excellence). It's looking for solutions from the past. It's division of whealth instead of creation of whealth.

The values in a socialist big government are totally opposed to the values one needs in a world where people try to offer excellence. The human being in an environment and culture of true and real excellence, is a great achievement of the human race. With excellence you really care. You want it right and you act open to other humans. It's about trust, honesty, loyalty and being open. Private enterprise has often offered excellent solutions to the world. Artists have often done an excellent job in the creation of an excellent world. A short song about love by a good artist says often more than a thousand words from a priest. Priests are standarised products and never excellent. The Church is also very opposed excellence. They don't allow freedom and insist on rules that must be followed. These values are opposed to a world of excellence. We need excellence to find solutions.

Frederic from Antwerp,