Contact Details
Send the document to us at: (courier) Authentication Unit, Level 1, Treasury Building, No. 1 The Terrace, Wellington, or (standard post) Authentication Unit, c/o The Translation Service, Department of Internal Affairs, PO Box 805, Wellington.
email: authentication@egs.govt.nz
Phone: (04) 470-2928 Fax: (04) 470-2921
Authentication Officer: Bev Stratford

Make sure you have enclosed:

1. The document to which the Apostille is to be attached. If there is more than one document you may need to check with the end-user whether the documents can be processed as a set or whether they must be treated separately. If they have been issued by different agencies they must be processed separately.

Does the document require notarisation? See above and find a Notary Public via the Yellow Pages.


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