Inheritance tax in Flanders in the straight line

The inheritance will be divided by real estate and other things. On each part there is a separate application of the tarriff.

The tarriff is also applied for each heir separatly.

You pay 1.500 euro (3 per cent) on the first 50.000 euro. Then it's 9 percent till 250.000 euro. So, if you inherit real estate worth over 250.000 euro you will start paying 19.500 euro plus 27 per cent on the value above 250.000 euro.

For example on real estate worth 92.500 euro, you will pay 1.500 euro plus 9% on 42.500 euro. This is 1.500 euro plus 3.825 euro, which gives a total of 5.325 euro. (5,756 per cent)

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