In Flanders rent subsidy is possible for poor persons who want to leave a slum dwelling

A slum dwelling that is rented should be evacuated. As the tenant might have not enough income to pay for a better house, he can ask for a subsidy.

What should the tenant do? Leave the slum dwelling and rent a better place. Withing 6 months he must send a request for the subsidy.

The request will only be honoured if the tenant has a maximum income of 13.500 euro (2003, Every year in June 1st this maximum will be adjusted). The subsidy will be lower if the income approaches this maximum.

For example: if your income is 7.200 euro every year, the rent subsidy will be as follows: the rent to pay to the landlord multiplied by 0,419.

The rent of the suitable property shouldn't be above 371.84 euro, if you are alone.

If you have been homeless for over 6 months, you don't have to leave a slum to get a rent subsidy for your new home. The rent can then be subsidised just like that.