Trade law: Aviation with China in 2006

There are only a very limited number of weekly frequencies allowed for U.S. carriers to land in China regardless of the flight's origin.

Taiwan recognition as a national state

Air France (no tricolore tail), Japan Airlines, KLM (crown removed), SwissAir (no swiss cross), British Airways (no union jack), Lufthansa (repainted in Condor brand) created their "Asia" subsidiaries so that they could serve Taipei (Taiwan) without upsetting the mainland China (PRC) as they wanted to fly also to Shanghai, Beijing, ... The airlines pressured into revising their liveries in order to serve both Mainland and Taiwanese China are all flag carriers for their nations i.e. the official airline of the country they fly for. The idea was that these subsidiaries could not contain traces of national identity. US carriers are no national airlines and never had to do this. / law / trade / aviation