Airbus A321

The airbus A321 is a 7m stretched version of the original A320. Total lenght is 44.51 m.

Typical two-class seating capacity for the A321 is 185 seats with 16 in first class and 169 in economy.
The A321 single-class configuation comfortably seats 200 passengers.

Lufthansa Airbus A321

In march 1994 Lufthansa became the first user of the A321.
March 2009 deliveries stood above 500 with 250 more orders to build.
By january 2008 some 416 Airbus A321 have been delivered. Total orders were standing at 653. 
By january 2006 some 342 Airbus A321 have been delivered, and 182 more aircraft were on order. All of these 342 were in service by january 2006, except one.

Airlines that used the A321 include: Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia, Alitalia, aeroflot, Austrian, Scandinavian and Finnair.

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The A321 the B757 and the B737-900

In Europe airlines are replacing their 757s with A321s. The reasoning behind that is pretty simple: the A321 is perfect for intra-European flights that want high capacity but don't need 3000nm range.

In the US, where range is an issue for transcontinental flights (East Coast - West Coast) the Boeing 757-200 makes a lot more sense.

Boeing was selling the 757 and after production ceased in 2005, Boeing offerend the 737-900ER, to be delivered by 2007. The Boeing 757-200 has more range and payload than the A321.

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