Airbus A330-200

The A330-200 can seat 256 passengers in a three class configuration, or alternatively 293 in two classes and has a range of 11,850km (6400nm).


The A330-200 shorter than the initial A330-300. Because of its decreased length (compared to the initial '300 series) the A330-200 features enlarged horizontal and vertical tail services (to compensate for the loss of moment arm with the shorter fuselage). See this difference. The Airbus a330-200 has an overall length of 59.00m (193ft 7in). The 330-200 has more range thanks to the addition of a center fuel tank. Fuel capacity is 130 090 litres. The A330-200 got it's tail an body from the A340-200 and the wings of the initial A330-300.

The A330-200 has about the same range as the legandary Boeing 767-300ER, which was in service since 1988. From 2000 Boeing offered the 767-400ER with a slightly larger  seating capacity than the A330-200, but only sold 40 aircraft. The A330-200 has sold quite strongly since its launch.
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Orders and deliveries of the A330-200

In 2009 the Airbus A330-200 flies with: EmiratesNorthwest, TAM, Jet Airways, KLM, Air France, Hainan, ...
In november 2008 total orders had climbed to 551, with 319 aircraft delivered, which all but 2 were still in service.

By january 2007 total orders had climbed to 344, with 240 aircraft delivered.

By october 2006, while airbus had problems selling any other widebody aircraft, the total number of orders for an A330-200 had increased again to 337, with 235 aircraft delivered and 233 still in operation. Compared to the 4-enigined A340 variants sales of the 2-enigine A330 variants have been much better in 2006.

In august 2006 the total orders for the A330-200 had risen to 327, of which 231 aircraft had been delivered.

By january 2006 the total number of orders had risen to 314, of which 201 had been delivered, with an extra 113 aircraft on order. This was better than the sales of the only other A330: the A330-300, which had recieved 250 orders by january 2006.

By september 2005 the total orders for an A320-200 stood at 303. The number of deliveries climbed to 192 (with 190 in operation).

The total A330-200 built stood at 108 in June 2002.

Among the initial A330-200 customers are: Canada 3000, Korean Air, Austrian, Air Transat, Emirates, Swissair, Sabena, Monarch, Asiana, TAM and Air Lanka.

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