Airbus A330-300

Range of the original Airbus A 330-300 with 335 passengers and reserves is between 8340km (with CF6s) and 8600km (with Trents).

Entry into service took place by the end of 1993, the same year the 4-enigine variant A340-300 entered service.

By 2014 the A330-300 has made some kind of come back as probably a result of it's increased range.

Airbus A330-300

In 2005 the A 330-300 was in use with: Cathey Pacific, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Thai, Air Canada, China Airlines, Northwest, Philippine airlines, Qantas, US Airways, Brussels airlines, ...

In 1998 the shorter A330-200 entered service and sold better than the initial 330-300. See the difference between both variants.

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A330-300 orders and deliveries

By january 2007 the total number of orders had risen to 260, with 202 aircraft delivered and 201 in service.

By september 2006 the number had risen to 253, of which 194 had been delivered, of which 193 were still in service.

By january 2006 the total number of orders for an A330-300 had risen to 250.

In september 2005 at total of 241 Airbus A 330-300 had been ordered, of which 168 had been delivered and 167 were still in operation.

Significant increase in range

Around 2008 Airbus added the central fuel tank an tail of the A330-200 to the A330-300, so the heavier A330-300 had a significantly increased range. This resulted in much additional orders: from Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic (10), Lufthansa/Swiss, Gulf Air, Turkish Airlines, Air Asia X, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Finnair, Etihad, Thai International, Aer Lingus, ...

The A330-300 still doesn't have the range of the A330-200, but enough range to make Frankfurt-Seattle or Kuala Lumpur-London.

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