The Avro 100 is the largest variant of the Avro Regional Jet family.

The maximum fuel weight it can take is 9,400 kg and during crusing seed it consumes 2.000 kg an hour. The maximum range fully loaded with 112 passengers is 3.900 km (4 hours 30 minutes).

The lenght is the Avro RJ 100 is 31 meter and wing span is 26,34 meter.

The Avro RJ 100 is in use in 2009 with Swiss, Brussels Airlines, Aegean (6), ...

Avro Regional Jet 100

Above: a Swiss Avro RJ-100 just before landing at Brussels airport (BRU) in 2009.

The BAE 146 family
They started with 3 sizes, and later updated them. In total the family sold around 390 airliners, which makes it a succesfull airliner for the British aviation industry.
Besides the succes of the Avro RJ-100 also the Avro RJ-85 has sold well.

End of 22 years of production
November 27th 2001 British Aerospace (BAE Systems) cancelled to entire program to renew the Avro RJ-85 and RJ-100. November 26th 2003 the last Avro Regional Jet was delivered to Blue 1 and production ceased after 22 years. First delivery of an BAE 146 was in 1983.

100-seater airliners
After 2003 the market for 100-seaters seems to be divided between Bombardier and Embraer. From 2003 Canadair started to deliver the CRJ-900 (which is a 100-seater) and from 2005 Embraer started to deliver the E-190.
At the time of production of the Avro RJ-100, the Canadair CRJ-200 and Embraer RJ-145 were much smaller as being only 50-seaters. The Fokker F-100 and Fokker F-70 were the size of the Avro Regional Jets.

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