Later the BAE 146-200 became the Avro RJ 85 when the family of the BAE 146 was updated.

A shorter variant is the BAE 146-100 and a longer variant is the BAE 146-300.

BAE 146-200
Above: a BAE 146-200 just before landing at Brussels airport (BRU) in august 2009. This is a BAE 146-200.

Eurowings is part of Lufthansa Regional. In 2009 eurowings seem to fly 15 BAE 146-200/300. Eurowings also seems to fly 18 CRJ-200 in 2009. And they had added 2 CRJ-700 and 2 CRJ-900 to their fleet.

Lufthansa cityline on the other had flies the Avro RJ 85. And in 2008 they seem to have 18 of them in service.
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