Boeing 737-700

This is first Next Generation Boeing 737.

It seats 145 (maximum 149) passengers and has a maximum range of 3,365 nautical miles or 6,225 km.

Royal Air Maroc Boeing 737-700

In December 1997 the first Boeing 737-700 was delivered to Southwest. A few months later the first 737-800 was delivered.

By may 2005 some 645 boeing 737-700 had been build of which 643 were still in service and some 335 more were on order. So the 737-700 sold well, which can't be said of it's smaller brother the 737-600.

By the end of 2006 Boeing had recieved a total of already 1265 orders for a 737-700.

Airlines flying the Boeing 737-700 in 2009 include: royal air maroc, malev hungarian, easyjet, ...

By 2014 the Boeing 737 Next Generation  is very popuar all over the world.

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