Boeing 767-400ER

The 767-400ER accommodates 245 passengers in a three-class configuration, 304 passengers in a two-class configuration and 409 in a single class configuration.

The 767-400ER fuselage adds 21 feet (6.4 m) to the baseline 767-300 airframe.

Boeing 767-400ER

Design range at max takeoff weight with maximum passengers is 10,343km (5580nm) with PW4062s.

The 767-400ER has the same seating capacity as the A330-200 from Airbus. The 777-200 is larger.

The 767-400ER failed miserably against A330-200. Untill 2007 there have been a total of only 40 orders, all of which from Delta Airlines and Continental Airlines. Both airlines recieved their first aircraft in august 2000. By the end of 2014 these 40 airliners are still in service.

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