Boeing 777-200ER

After the initital 777-200 Boeing extended the range of the aircraft with more powerfull engines. The first 777-200ER was delivered to British Airways in 1997.

The 777-200ER was a succes. By 2007 over 425 have been sold. Then the 777-300ER became a big seller.

The 777-200ER is a big airliner, seating around 300 passengers, with a range of up to 14.500 km.

Boeing 777-200ER
Above: one of the 47 American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER airliners in 2009 at Brussels Airport (BRU).

The 777-200ER flies with: American Airlines, United Airlines, British Airways, Saudi Arabian, Continental (22), Air France, KLM, Delta (8), ...

The 777-200ER is a airliner from

The Boeing 777-2005(ER) in 2014

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