aeroflot Airbus A321

aerofllot flies 10 Airbus A321 in June 2009, with 14 extra A321 on order.

aeroflot Airbus A321
Above: an aeroflot Airbus A321 in Amsterdam(AMS) on Sunday afternoon June 7th 2009.

The aircraft above is heading from Amsterdam to Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO). Both Amsterdam based KLM (-AIR FRANCE) and aeroflot are in the Skyteam global airline alliance in 2010.

Aeroflot seems to fly their A321 with a maximum of 177 passengers in 2010. These airliners seem to have a range of 5.000 km. It April 2010 aeroflot seems to operate already 16 Airbus A321 airliners. More about the aeroflot fleet.

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