Boeing 747
Boeing has produced several versions of the 747:

- The initial 747-100, with the 741: 167 built - 741B: 9 built - 741SR: 29 built (short range) - 747SP:45 built (long range)

- The 747-200 in the 1970ies: 393 built in various versions, of which 138 would still be active in 2009.

- The 747-300 with a streched upperdeck: 83 built, of which 45 would still be active in 2009.

- The 747-400 with winglets and glass avionics: 694 built in various versions. With only a few 744 hull losses, and a few more stored, most 744 are still flying in 2009.

See who flies them in Europe, in Asia, in Africa and in the Americas in 2009.

In 2009 the 747-400 is the only variant still in service with major airlines in high numbers, but these 747 are rapidly leaving the fleets of these airlines as the Boeing 777 is taking their place as the backbone of intercontinental operations.

In 2009 the 747 in all variants is still the backbone of cargo operations with airlines all over the world.

There seem to be 962 Boeing 747s actively flying as of April, 2009. So, even the older versions are still flying. By 2014 the Boeing 747 is rapidly disappearing with passenger airlines.
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