Continental airlines

has 20 Boeing 777-200ER aircraft in 2009
which are used as follows:

They fly their 777-200ER between New York and Asia (as these 777 have more range than their 767):

Mumbai (BOM) -2 frames (2 to cover EWR daily)

- Delhi (DEL) - 2 frames (2 to cover EWR daily)

- Hong Kong (HKG)- 2 frames (2 to cover EWR daily)

- Beijing (PEK) - 2 frames (2 to cover EWR daily)

- Tokyo (NRT) - 3 frames (IAH daily EWR daily - req min 3 frames)

- Tel Aviv in Israel (TLV) -2 frames (2x daily EWR) cross the Atlantic

Continental 777-200ER
Above: Continental airlines Boeing 777-200ER in may 2009 at Brussels airport.

Continental airlines flies some of their Boeing 777-200ER airliners across the North Atlantic from New York (EWR) to bussy destinations in Europe:

- London (LHR)- 3 frames (2 to IAH 1 to EWR)

- Paris (CDG) - 2 frames (1 to IAH 1 to EWR)

- Frankfurt (FRA)- Flight COA50 from EWR -3 days a week (Remaining days a 767 used)

Almost all north Atlantic traffic to Europe is handled by the New York hub, which offers on a daily basis 27 destinations in Europe. Almost all of these flights are done by Boeing 757-200 aircraft.

Continental airlines seems to fly all there 777-200ER in a 2 class configuration, with 50 First Class seats and 235 or 226 economy seats. Their maximal seating in a 777-200ER totals 285.

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