The Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet 900 seats around 90. It's a strech of the CRJ-700, which seats around 70. First deliveries of a CRJ-900 were in 2003. Those of the CRJ-700 in 2001. 

In Europe in 2009 we find the CRJ-900 in the fleet of Scandinavian airlines, Lufthansa, Adria (4), ...


Above: a Scandinavian airlines CRJ-900ER at Dusseldorf international in september 2009 going to Copenhagen.

Both CRJ-700 and CRJ-900 are based on the succesfull 50 seater CRJ-200, which introduced a revolution in regional jet transport. The first delivery of an CRJ-200 was in 1996.

In 2009 the CRJ-900 finds a competitor in the Embraer 190. The BAE Avro RJ-100 is no longer in production since 2003.
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