Boeing 747

Japan Airlines still has a substantial fleet of Boeing 747 aircraft in 2009:

29 Boeing 747-400

11 Boeing 747-300

9 Boeing 747-400D (domestic high density aircraft)

Which makes a total of 49 Boeing 747 aircraft in 2009. But by the end of 2009 all Boeing 747-300 had left the JAL fleet.

Where do they fly these 747s in 2009:
Between Tokyo and: Los Angeles, New York, ...

For many years JAL has operated the largest number of Boeing 747 airlines.

But in February 2011 there will be the last flight of a Boeing 747 with JAL.

Even the 4 cargo 747-400 have been phased out in 2010.

Maybe they will come back one day?

How did the airline handle the reduction of 747 jumbo jet airliners in it's fleet?

In 2003 you would see a daily flight with a Boeing 747-400 between Tokyo and Amsterdam.
First JAL reduced this service to a Boeing 777-200ER or Boeing 777-300ER.
In 2010 JAL simpley stopped the route, so that the 777 can be used on other routes (eg Los Angeles), where the 747s are taken away.

What true long haul flights does JAL still fly in 2011?

Without any 747 jumbo jets left in their fleet JAL still serves major routes from Tokyo with their Boeing 777 airliners in 2011.

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