Northwest airlines A330-200

Northwest airlines fleet

Wide body

21 Airbus A330-300

16 Boeing 747-400

11 Airbus A330-200

10 Boeing 747-200F

2 Boeing 747-200

Narrow body

69 Airbus A320

57 Airbus A319

46 Boeing 757-200

32 DC-9-30

34 DC-9-50

8 DC-9-40

This was the Northwest Airlines fleet in september 2008. After the merger with Delta, the Nortwest airlines airliners will be repainted in Delta colors.

In 1999 Northwest seems to have had 70 DC-10 airlines in it's fleet. 30 Were longer range DC-10-30ER (with additional fuel tank) and 40 DC-10-40 with substantially less range, half of which seemed to fly domestic and half of which seemed to fly international routes.

2014 fleet update (now with Delta)

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