Rak airways Boeing 757
RAK AIRWAYS Boeing 757-200 just before landing at Brussels airport (BRU) around 7 pm in August 2009.

RAK AIRWAYS is a regular visitor at Brussels Airport in 2009, but their website rakairways.com was still under construction.

RAK AIRWAYS is an airline from the United Arab Emirates. In June 2009 they seem to have 2 aircraft in their fleet of which one is a Boeing 757-200. This aircraft seems to be operated for Hewa Bora airlines, which is the airline of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The problem with Hewa Bora airlines seems to be that they have problems with the control of technical standards in Europe.

Brussels - Kinshasa

It seems that on Wednesday and Saturday at 7:00 pm they land at Brussels airport. This is a flight from Kinshasa.

After this arrival at 7:00 pm the aircraft remains at Brussels airport overnight. Departure to Kinshasa is on Thursday and Sunday at 1:15 pm.

So the aircraft is used 4 days a week for a daytime flight between Brussels and Kinshasa.


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