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Royal Jordanian is the national airline of Jordan. The airline is based in Amman.

In 2009 Royal Jordanian has 3 Airbus A310-300 aircraft for passenger transport and these aircraft are used on the following non-stop routes:

Amman - Bangkok in 8h45min: 4x a week with A310. Somtimes an A340 is used on the route.

Amman - London in 5 hours: 6x a week with A310.

Royal Jordanian
Above: a Royal Jordanian A310 in Brussels in may 2009.

2013 WB Royal Jordanian fleet update

In 2009 Royal Jordanian still has 3 Airbus A310-300 aircraft in its passanger fleet and 2 more A310 in its cargo fleet. Besides the A340-200 these 5 aircraft are the only long haul widebody aircraft in the Royal Jordanian fleet.

In 2003 Royal Jordanian airlines has 7 Airbus A310 aircraft in it's fleet. At that time they had less A320 family aircraft.

The A310 became a cargo aircraft for Royal Jordanian Airlines. But in 2009 three are still in use for passenger service.
Royal Jordanian
Royal Jordanian

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