JAL active fleet in December 2010

11 Boeing 747-400
The last 747-400 Domestic flight was in july 2010. The last Boeing 747-400 flight by JAL will be February 28th 2011.
46 Boeing 777
26 are Boeing 777-200 and 20 are 777-300.
44 Boeing 767-300 The airline has the Boeing 787 Dreamliner on order. Deliveries should start from 2011.
12 Boeing 737-800 They have even more of these on order.
16 MD-90 They have plans to get rid of these airliners. 
18 A300 Some A300 remain in service early 2011, but they are planned to be phased out.

As JAL airlines is in terrible financial shape, they don't own all the active airliners. Many are leased, and other airliners which they own are stored to be sold.

Several domestic routes have been unprofitable, but JAL was forced to keep flying them by the govenment. Growing payroll and pension costs also damaged profitability.

JAL was privatized in 1987, and listed on the stock market. It was delisted in 2010. There is no value left in the shares and govenment has taken control. 15.000 out of 45.000 of the workforce should go.

In January 2010 JAL filed for bankruptcy protection.


History of JAL fleet: 2009 - 2005 - 2003


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