United Airlines WB fleet in 2013

WB airliners

WB Fleet in October 2013

55 Boeing 777-200ER

35 Boeing 767-300ER

24 Boeing 747-400

19 Boeing 777-200

16 Boeing 767-400ER

7 Boeing 787-8

120 Boeing 757-200, some of which fly transatlantic.

The fleet is a combination of former United Airlines and Continental airlines fleets.


Continental was a well managed quality airline. But, when others merges in the US, Confinental also had to otherwise they would become a marginal airline with a too small network. So they merged with United airlines and became united, with the Continenal logo. The other larger merged airlines in the USA are: delta (which merged with NorthWest and American Airlines (which merged with US Airways).


from Houston: New York


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