Airbus A340 in 2014

The Airbus A340-600 is still in fleets als follows:

24 by Lufthansa

17 by Iberia

13 by Virgin Atlantic

9 by South African

7 by Etihad

6 by Thai

5 by China Eastern

4 by Qatar

That makes a total of 85 airlines, and no chance in 2014 any more Airbus A340-600 will be produced ever again. It's a complete failure against the succes of the Boeing 777-300ER.

The initial Airbus A340-300 was more succesfull, untill the 777-200ER came on the market.

For the Airbus A340-500 the situation is even worse.
Certainly compared to the Boeing 777-200LR. The A340-500 all go out of service. Emirates uses them on short flights to Beirut, Athens and Munich. Emirates certainly doesn't care about the high cycles, which they would if it was a more efficient airliner. These short hops aren't what Airbus had in mind for the the 340-500.

Airbus A340-500 in 2014:

5 by Emirates

4 by Etihad

2 by Arik Air

and the 5 owned by Thai are stored and out of service.

The Airbus A340-500 was introduced in 2002, together with the A340-600.

Of the A340-200 in 2014 Egyptair seems to be the only airline which still has them in it's fleet, with 3 airliners.

Conclusion: sales of the A340 are dead in 2014 and the days of use of the delivered A340 are numbered. The A330 on the other hand is doing well.

Airbus in 2014

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