Airbus A340-300 in 2014

Airbus had a vision for a long range jet with 4-enigines. Boeing developed the 777-200(ER).

18 by Lufthansa

15 by Swiss

13 by Air France

11 by Cathay Pacific

8 by South African

8 by Scandinavian

7 by Aerolineas Argentinas

7 by Iberia

7 by Finnair

6 by Sri Lankan

6 by Turkish Airlines

6 by China Airlines

6 by Air Mauritius

6 by Philippine Airlines

5 by Air Tahiti Nui

4 by Emirates

4 by TAP Portugal

4 by Kuwait Airways

3 by Mahan Air

3 by LAN

2 by Virgin Atlantic

That's a total of at least 136 airliners, or around half that have been produced. So the A340-300 is on it's way out.

Airbus A340-300

Conclusion: Most of these 340-300 airliners will be replaced in the years after 2014. The 340-300 was the most sucessfull A340, as the other A340 airlines all failed. The A340-300 had sufficient range requiered for some missions, but the 777-200ER could do these better. The final nail to A340-300 sales have been the A330-300 getting more range. Also the Boeing 767 with the legendary 767-300ER is on it's way out in 2014.

A340-300 routes

New York-Johannesburg (12.831 km) with South African
(Johannesburg-Dakar-New York)

Airbus in 2014

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