the Airbus A380 in 2014

Not a single one orderd in 2014, while the 777-300ER took 39 orders. By the end of 2014 Airbus Chief Financial Officer said Airbus needed to produce at least 30 a year to break even. At that moment the A380-800 was in service as follows:

56 by Emirates : the Emirates A380 storey

19 by Singapore airlines

12 by Qantas

10 by Lufthansa

10 by Air France

10 by Korean Air

8 by British Airways

6 by Thai

6 by Malaysia Airlines

5 by China Southern

2 by Qatar

2 by Asiana

Emirates A380

Conclusion: For the orders that still need to be delivered, the main customer is Emirates. Airbus is deperatley seeking new orders, as it needs to build enought A380 each year for the production to break even.

Dallas-Sydney (13.808 km) with Qantas

Dubai-Los Angeles (13.400 km over Canada) with Emirates

Airbus in 2014

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