Air Canada in 2014

21 Boeing 767-300ER

17 Boeing 777-300ER and 6 Boeing 777-200LR are new.

8 Airbus A330-300

69 Airbus A320 family airliners of which 41 A320, 18 A319 and 10 A321

41 Embraer E-190

6 Boeing 787-8 by the end of 2014 and much more on order to replace their 767-300ER fleet, which is tranferred to Air Canada rouge.

Air Canada rouge

20 A319 (seating 142)

8 Boeing 767-300ER
They fly from Toronto, Vancouver , Montreal and Calgary

Toronto-Beijing (10.561 km) with 77W

Vancouver-Beijing with 767-300ER

Vancouver-Tokyo (7.503 km) with 788

Toronto-Tokyo with 777-200LR

Vancouver-Shanghai with 788

Toronto-Bogota (4.367 km) with 767-300ER

Toronto-Bridgetown (3.908 km) with 777-200LR

Toronto-Lima with 767-300ER

Toronto-Sao Paulo with 777-200LR

Toronto-Rio de Janeiro with 767-300ER

Montreal-Brussels (5.554 km) with 333

Toronto-Frankfurt with 77W or 772L

Calgary-Frankfurt with 333

Toronto-London (5.707 km) with 77W

Calgary-London with 333


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