Air China in 2014

49 Airbus A330 making them the largest operator of the the type. 30 A330-200 and 19 A330-300.

20 Boeing 777-300ER. They still fly 4 Boeing 747-400  and also fly 3 Boeing 747-800intercontinental with 4 extra on order. But no A380.

10 Boeing 777-200(ER)

Their Boeing 737 fleet consists of 119 Next Generation airliners with 98 -800 models and 21 -700 models.

Their A320 family is about the same size with 117 airliners of which 30 are A319, 38 A320 and 49 A321.
This is a Chinese airline - Star Alliance

They fly from Beijing and Shanghai

Air China

Beijing-New York with 77W

Beijing-Sydney with 77W

Shanghai-Sydney with 332

Shanghai-Melbourne with 332

Beijing-Frankfurt 2x daily with 777-300ER (the planned 747-8i from 1 jan 2015 was shelved before active)

Beijing-Paris with 77W

Beijing-London with A330-200

Beijing-Rome with A330-200

Beijing-Munich with A330-200

Beijing-Dusseldorf with A330-200

Beijing-Geneva with A330-200

Beijing-Madrid with A330-200

Shanghai-Munich with A330-200
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