American Airlines in 2014

Even with a massive Boeing 737-800 fleet of 246 and 59 Airbus A320 family airliners, American Airlines still has a total of 131 MD-82 and -83 airliners flying by the end of 2014. Their airbus A320 family fleet consists of 28 A319 and 31 A321.

They still also have a fleet of 75 Boeing 757-200 which are for domestic use, exept 17 which fly international, most often north transatlantic.

For the long haul they rely on their 58 Boeing 767-300ER together with their 47 Boeing 777-200ER with 16 Boeing 777-300ER recently added.

These numbers do not include the US Airways fleet.


Miami-Buenos Aires with 772

Miami-Rio de Janeiro (6.718 km) with 772

Miami-Brasilia with 752

Miami-Montevideo (7.210 km) with 763

Miami-Sao Paulo with 77W

Miami-London (7.109 km) with 772

Miami-Paris (7.371 km) with 767-300ER

Miami-Madrid with (7.106 km) 772

Miami-Barcelona (7.545 km) with 772

Miami-Milan (7.920 km) with 767-300ER

Chicago-Brussels with 772

Chicago-Tokyo with 772

Chicago-Paris (6.664 km) with 767-300ER


New York-Rio de Janeiro with 763

New York-London with 77W

Dallas-Tokyo with 772

Dallas-Seoul with 772

Dallas-Paris with 772

Dallas-London with 772

Dallas-Frankfurt with 777-300ER

Los Angeles-Shanghai (10.415 km) with 772

Los Angeles-Tokyo with 772

Los Angeles-London (8.759 km) with 77W

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