The Boeing 747 in 2014

The most succesfull model was the 747-400 of which over 500 have been delivered since 1989. By end 2014 this model remains the only model still really active in fleets as follows:

55 by British Airways (299-345 seats)

24 by United (374 seats)

20 by Transaero (447-552 seats)

17 by Lufthansa (289-330 seats)

16 by Saudi Arabian

15 by Korean Air

13 by Delta (ex-Northwest) (376 seats)

12 by Thai

12 by Virgin Atlantic

11 by China Airlines

7 by Qantas (353-371 seats)

7 by Cathay Pacific (359 seats)

7 by Air France

7 by KLM

6 by El Al (409 seats)

5 by Air India

4 by Air China

3 by Eva air

3 by Corsair

2 by Asiana (359 seats)

2 by Garuda Indonesia (428 seats)

2 by Lion Air (496 seats)

1 by Royal Air Maroc (496 seats)

1 by Malaysia Airlines (359 seats) only as standby for the A380.

So in it's full passenger version, still 253 Boeing 747-400 "Queen of the Sky" more or less active by the end of 2014.

Boeing 747

The 747-400M seats less as it's a combi. Only a few airlines still operate it in 2014, which are:

15 by KLM (with 262 seats)

2 by Asiana (with 264 seats)

1 by Eva air (with 276 seats)

Of the 747-200 only 2 models remain active. Both with Iran Air.

Of the 747SP only one model remains active in 2014. Also with Iran Air.

One 747-300 (502 seats) seems to remain active with PIA.

The only 6 Boeing 747-400ER (364 seats) remain active with Qantas.

The new model the 747-800i has only been ordered and introduced in very limited numbers by the and of 2014 als follows:

15 by Lufthansa (362 seats 8/92/262)

3 by Air China

Conclusion: "the Queen of the sky" Boeing 747 jumbo jet is on it's way out of airline fleets by the end of 2014. The new Queens in the fleets in 2014 are the Boeing 777-300ER airlines. The initial Boeing 777-300 had the capacity to do that, but lacked the range. The A380 doesn't gain enough orders.

747 routes

Detroit-Shanghai (11.462 km) with Delta

Detroit-Seoul with Delta

Boeing in 2014
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